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At US Capital Global, we offer our people the opportunity to work as a generalist or specialist within any of our five business divisions.

We also offer opportunities to move between divisions, or if you are currently working elsewhere, to further develop your career by taking it in a new, preferred direction. For example, we can assist skilled analysts who would like greater exposure to underwriting and structuring, or who seek to focus more on client relationships.


This is where the business cycle begins.

Using the latest marketing technologies, the Marketing division designs and drives forward various targeted marketing campaigns that promote US Capital Global products and services. The division connects the firm with users of capital, lending partners, and key relationships in the industry through various traditional and non-traditional marketing methods, including social media. There are opportunities to travel to industry events and to network. Frequent destinations include New York City, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

US Capital leads the way in its industry by employing new technologies and proprietary processes to enhance US Capital brand, educate and inform the market, and drive its marketing efforts forward. The Marketing division supports the development and closing of business. It also participates in client relations, especially in protecting and building US Capital brand.

This division requires people who can think big, act quickly, and drive a project from conception to execution. Strong communication skills are greatly valued, as team members will need to liaise closely with both internal and external parties, including PR, which is outsourced. In-depth analytics skills or experience is not essential.

Business Development

The Business Development division at US Capital Global is originates deals and drives the process from prospect to lead to client.

Bankers and associates in this division are in regular contact with C-level executives of private and public companies and with other professionals (e.g. lawyers, appraisal specialists, accountants). Their aim is to understand the business model and financing needs of US Capital Global's potential clients and to structure optimal financing solutions for these businesses.

In doing so, team members in Business Development liaise closely with US Capital Global internal credit committee and work cross-functionally across all divisions at US Capital. They pitch financing solution directly to prospects and clients, working in partnership with these businesses through closing.

Team members in Business Development are essentially financial technical artists, with outstanding negotiation and relationship skills. As the main point of contact for US Capital Global's clients, team members in Business Development are the direct recipients of clients’ trust, and therefore must be able to respond professionally.

Capital Markets

The Capital Markets division is responsible primarily for developing new financial products.

US Capital is continually expanding its product offering and developing new innovative, custom financing solutions for its clients. This involves collaborating closely with established lending partners and sources of capital for small to lower middle market businesses. Capital Markets team members therefore need to have strong communication, networking, and negotiation skills, and also a mastery of analytical and financial technical skills.

In Capital Markets, professionals obtain in-depth exposure to the debt and equity capital markets and all aspects of investment banking. They correspond with lending and investment partners and conduct market research to identify new partners and products. This is a highly innovative division, and offers excellent opportunities to gain deep industry knowledge and experience.

Corporate Finance

The Corporate Finance division is responsible for implementing best-practice credit analysis and underwriting standards during the due diligence process for all US Capital engagements. The division applies cash-flow breakdowns, asset-based collateral analysis, and debt service coverage calculations to a variety of financing structures, interest rates, and banking products. Team members will have the opportunity to analyze and summarize this data into concise draft transaction memos for presentation to US Capital Global's credit committee and to external capital markets.

The due diligence and underwriting process at US Capital has been likened to that of larger investment banks, primarily in its robustness; and when coupled with US Capital's values-based philosophy, results in a flexible team with disciplined methods capable of handling a significant volume of transactions to the most exacting professional standards.

Team members in Corporate Finance participate in calls and meetings with C-level prospects, including CFOs, CEOs, and lending partners of private and public companies in the lower middle market. They continuously sharpen their skills by carefully analyzing business cases, working on due diligence projects, and gathering financial information from a wide range of sources.

Corporate Support

Corporate Support
(Operations, Human Resources, and Legal)

Corporate Support combines three different departments responsible for the smooth running of day-to-day business and operations at US Capital Global: Operations, Human Resources, and Legal.

The Operations team is dedicated to introducing and implementing operational efficiencies and best practices in process management, ensuring seamless business integration across all divisions of the company. The Operations team also supports the executive team in its day-to-day activities and looks after all aspects of US Capital Global's offices throughout the United States, especially its headquarters in San Francisco.

The Human Resources team recruits, hires, and trains interns and associates to help them achieve success within their specific area of work. The team also looks after all other HR needs of the firm.

The Legal team at US Capital is responsible for attending to any legal risks to the firm and any of its subsidiaries by collaborating closely with outside legal counsel in various jurisdictions in the United States and abroad. It plays an essential role in the formulation and implementation of US Capital's strategy and best practices. The team pinpoints areas of risk and devises creative solutions to protect the firm’s financial well-being and reputation and to promote its culture of excellence and integrity.

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