Our Culture


US Capital Global is a dynamic, high-growth firm that is leading the way in small and middle market business financing. Our culture is based around ethical professionalism, which we define by acknowledging our role as fiduciary for our clients, team, and partners.

Our Business Principles

Commitment, Integrity, Collaboration, Excellence. These are the cornerstones of our corporate culture.

Commitment.  We know that our success is a result of our clients’ success. Our people are dedicated first and foremost to understanding and serving the needs of our clients. We believe this care and commitment is an important part of our success and best serves the community.

Integrity.  We expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do. Integrity is the foundation of all strong collaboration and partnership. It builds the trust that is indispensable to a relationship-based firm. Integrity is therefore at the heart of our business.

Collaboration.  At US Capital Global we encourage teamwork in everything we do. While we recognize the value of individual creativity, it is our collaborative approach, both within the firm and with our clients and affiliates, that has contributed most to our business success. Collaboration creates our strong culture of mutual respect and responsibility.

Excellence.  Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We take great pride in the professional quality of our work. Pioneers in our sector, we are constantly striving to anticipate the needs of our clients and find better solutions to meet those changing needs.

Upholding our business principles has been essential to our success as a firm, and we look forward to welcoming new team members who will help us sustain and further our growth as a values-based business.

Our People

What distinguishes our firm is the quality of our people together with the incentives we offer. We are a knowledge-based firm, and we recognize that our people are our main asset. We therefore invest heavily in them. We pride ourselves on the quality of our training and internship programs, and we offer our people the opportunity to move ahead more rapidly than is possible at most other firms.

At US Capital, we are deeply committed to cultivating an inclusive environment where everyone can succeed based on merit. We believe there should be no barriers that hinder an individual from performing to his or her full potential.

In an industry as dynamic, innovative, and complex as financial services, we need to attract and nurture the very best talent. We therefore make an unusual effort to identify and recruit the very best person for every position. We employ some of the sharpest minds in the industry, and are always on the lookout for new talented people who can give as much to the company as we can give to them.

Meet One of Our Interns

Interns at US Capital Global talk about what they do, what it’s like to work at the firm, and more.

Asmaa Swidan, Capital Markets Intern

Asmaa Swidan, Capital Markets Intern

Working as an intern at US Capital is giving me many opportunities to further my knowledge and experience in my chosen field. I get to participate in all parts of the deal-making process, including calling lending partners and brokers, creating financial snapshots to present to US Capital Global credit committee, underwriting, and generally helping to set up and close deals.

All of this is done with constant support and guidance from the Capital Markets team, whose welcoming and understanding attitude has allowed me to fit right in and quickly gain confidence in the work that I do. I’ve found it very easy to bond with the associates, and I really get the sense that the team members are looking out for me. They always make themselves very approachable, and I feel that I’m learning a huge amount from just being able to observe them and ask them questions.

Despite coming from a non-finance background (I recently graduated with a degree in Anthropology and Comparative Literature), I don’t feel the least bit at a disadvantage. This is largely thanks to the strong sense of support and solidarity within the company, as well as formal training like the orientation program that is given at the start of the internship and the many occasions to try out what I’ve learned so far.

Trust is a big component of working relations within the firm. Even in the two months that I’ve been here, I’ve been entrusted with an increasing amount of responsibility that gives me that extra bit of incentive to work hard and give back to the company, as you can really tell they invest in you. I’m given the chance to prove my capability and am rewarded for my passion and commitment while also being mentored by some truly smart, inspirational people.

As internship experiences go, US Capital offers a truly unique opportunity that’s particularly good for people new to finance. It gives you extensive insight into many aspects of the industry, and the fast-paced work environment is perfect for keeping you on your toes.

I chose to intern here as I wanted to gain experience in investment banking while working with a close group of people, so it has been ideal for that. It’s proving to be a great preparation for a career in finance.

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