US Capital Global has an extensive and deep network of private investors, institutional investors, and investment advisors who make equity investments from $5,000,000 upwards in early and growth-stage companies. We reach our investor community in a variety of ways through our targeted equity campaigns. Our personal approach to our close investor relationships is complemented by very well-attended “road show” events to showcase our investment opportunities. We utilize the latest in securities Reg-Tech to digitally showcase investments on our custom offering platform, and widely advertise those same offerings through conventional high-impact PR and marketing, as well as social media. All securities are offered by US Capital Global Securities, LLC, a member of FINRA and SIPC.

Distribution of Private Placements

Personal Investor Outreach: US Capital Global has deep relationships within its Wealth Management client base, with many clients interested in private placements. We screen investment opportunities and reach out to investors to present these opportunities to interested parties who are active. We regularly utilize CUSIP numbers for our investments, which makes them easily available to investment advisors nationwide on most of the clearing and custody platforms and the self-directed retirement custodian sites.

General Advertising: We utilize Reg-Tech for expanded distribution of our private placement offerings, allowing us to advertise offerings through social media and general press releases. There are tens of thousands of investors engaged through our weekly newsletter, which showcases our offerings.

Digital Investment Platform: US Capital Global meets the needs of businesses and projects seeking capital (issuers) by offering their securities to investors in the United States and globally on a proprietary FinTech investment platform, managed by affiliate US Capital Global Securities. Investor engagement is tracked and reported to our investment professionals for personal follow-up. Learn more at

Targeted Investor Campaigns: In addition to our general advertising campaigns, we leverage knowledge discovery in databases using our own very large investor database as well as a number of third-party proprietary investor databases for institutional investors and family offices that have previously invested in similar offerings. Because we are able to generally solicit with our offerings, we reach out to potential investors through phone calls, social media, and email campaigns. We track interest and engagement using our marketing analytics.

Investor Events and Road Shows:  US Capital Global offers traditional roadshow-type, one-on-one meetings and investor meet-up conferences, bringing together pools of potential investors across the United States, as well as in Europe and Asia. These events showcase a particular offering with lively exchanges between the issuer and investors, usually in an engaging setting and accompanied by entertainment.
US Capital Global has tens of thousands of investors and investment advisors it communicates with weekly regarding its investment opportunities.

Typical Equity Offerings

• $5,000,000 to $50,000,000 and more
• Common, preferred, or convertible note offerings
• SPV structures for accommodating many smaller investors

Equity Situations

• Growing a business to the next level
• Funding an add-on acquisition
• Achieving substantial liquidity
• Effecting a partial change of ownership
• Consolidating multiple ownership interests, such as inactive shareholders
• Early-stage private and commercial note-holder payoffs
• Other growth initiatives

Private Capital Advisory Services

In pursuing growth, small and medium-sized businesses must make important decisions relating to their capital structure. US Capital Global can help these enterprises at all stages from start-up to pre-IPO.

If a business decides to raise private equity capital, it will need to make sure the deal structure is appropriate for its specific needs, as well as those of its investors. In the early days of venture capital, entrepreneurs often gave up control of their company in exchange for their first investment funds. Now they have many more options, allowing them to create an optimal share structure for their enterprise.

US Capital Global provides its clients with strategic guidance and tactical advice on capital formation, structure, securities valuations, pricing, timing, and terms. The firm offers comprehensive financial advisory services for buy-side and sell-side engagements and for capital formation, including early-stage financings requiring debt or equity.

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Lisa Terk

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Frank Villarreal

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Pankaj Vashisth

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