US Capital Global Securities Launches $3.5 Million Convertible Note Offering for Sounzone Corporation


Opportunity to invest in rapidly expanding European-based music and video synchronization platform is now open to eligible investors.

SAN FRANCISCO, MARCH 2022 – US Capital Global Securities LLC, an affiliate of US Capital Global, is offering eligible investors an investment opportunity of up to $3.5 million in Sounzone Corporation, the newly formed parent corporation of Sounzone SRL (“Sounzone”). Sounzone is a European-based music licensing company that works with high-level independent, unsigned artists and producers to offer music and video synchronization services through a fresh, unique library of varied top-quality customized tracks available exclusively on the Sounzone platform.

US Capital is a full-service private financial group with an established track record in investment banking, asset management, and capital formation services. The firm provides sophisticated debt, equity, and investment products to lower middle market companies and investors. All securities are offered by the group through its FINRA-member, SEC-registered broker-dealer affiliate, US Capital Global Securities LLC.

“Today, 300 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds, while more video content is uploaded to the internet every 30 days than all the major US television networks have created in 30 years,” said Tiziano Lamberti, Founder and CEO of Sounzone and a celebrated Italian composer with 25 years’ experience in the music industry. “Meanwhile, in both the gaming and film industries, up to 15% of production budgeting is spent on music. The demand for synchronized licensed music is exceptionally high and growing exponentially. Sounzone’s online marketplace for synchronization addresses the demand in a single all-encompassing streamlined platform, while offering artists visibility with a fair 50/50 revenue split and the most favorable terms and conditions for artists in the industry.”

The Sounzone platform is designed to connect creatives, producers, and record labels with brands, the film industry, streaming services, digital content creators, the gaming industry, and anyone else who requires synchronized licensed music. The platform offers a range of innovative tools alongside a carefully selected catalogue of varied top-quality customized tracks. Sounzone is the only music licensing platform offering a sync tool that allows users to try out music on their video instantly, and a tag searching system that utilizes machine learning to enable keyword music searches.

“Since launching in 2020, Sounzone has already secured four movie soundtracks, over 6,000 owned tracks, 13,000 users, and 15 key clients including Netflix and Prime Video,” said Charles Towle, CEO at US Capital Global Securities. “the company is on track to realizing its vision to become the leading global player in the sync industry. As both a publishing company and a music label, Sounzone is in a unique position to capitalize on both publishing and mastering rights, allowing it to move quickly with sales while making additional profits on public performance. If you are interested in Sounzone, the opportunity to participate in this $3.5 million convertible note offering is now open eligible investors.”

About Sounzone Corporation

Sounzone Corporation is the newly formed parent corporation of Sounzone SRL (“Sounzone”). Sounzone is a European-based music licensing company that offers music and video synchronization services using inspiring music selections from independent artists and music producers available exclusively on the Sounzone platform. With 150 artists onboarding, Sounzone is now collaborating closely with independent and unsigned musicians and currently seeking seed round capital for international expansion.

About US Capital

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