US Capital Global Chairman, Jeffrey Sweeney, Presents at ClaraPHI’s 6th Annual Conference for Financial Advisors


Chairman and CEO of global private financial group shares private credit strategies at ClaraPhi’s 6th Annual Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

SAN FRANCISCO, JANUARY 2021 – Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO at US Capital Global, was recently invited to speak at ClaraPHI’s 6th Annual Conference for Financial Advisors in Scottsdale, Arizona. Committed to investment education, ClaraPHI focuses its regular conferences on increasing investor business growth and exploring investment themes. In his presentation, Sweeney focused on the advantages of private credit as a flexible solution for all market environments, including today’s volatile and uncertain times.

Headquartered in San Francisco, US Capital Global is a global private financial group with an established track record in investment banking, asset management, and fund management. All private placements, securities, and other related services are offered by the group’s FINRA-member, SEC-registered broker-dealer affiliate, US Capital Global Securities LLC.

“It was a pleasure attending ClaraPHI’s annual conference,” said Sweeney. “The theme of my presentation this year was the advantages of private credit solutions during times of rising growth as well as falling growth, and during times of both rising inflation or falling inflation. Private credit can serve as a core portfolio holding because of its risk-adjusted performance across market environments, while also offering the potential for current income distribution, which is a form of limited liquidity, and portfolio risk diversification benefits.”

A thought-leader in investment banking and in the FinTech and RegTech arenas, Sweeney has published numerous articles on investment strategies, digital securities, and investment banking in leading industry journals such as The Fintech Times, ABF Journal, ABL Advisor, and The Secured Lender. A highly sought-after speaker and panel chair, Sweeney is frequently invited to preside over and speak at finance and FinTech events worldwide.

About ClaraPHI

Claraphi Advisory Network LLC is an SEC-registered advisor. The firm aims to leverage technology, intelligence, and creativity combined with integrity and deep experience to offer tangible and intangible investment services to help clients accumulate and preserve wealth. Dedicated to investor education through its Learning Center, events, and advisory services, ClaraPHI concentrates on delivering sophisticated tools and resources to investors and their clients.

About US Capital Global

Established in 1998, US Capital Global leverages the latest FinTech and RegTech innovation to provide sophisticated debt, equity, and investment products to lower middle market companies and investors. The US Capital Global group manages direct investment funds and provides wealth management services through its affiliates, including US Capital Global Securities LLC (member FINRA/SIPC), which acts as a placement agent for companies, funds, and projects. The group collaborates closely with its peers in professional banking and investment advisory.

To learn more about US Capital Global or about private credit, email Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO, at or call +1 415-889-1010. 052101PR3

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