Five Investment and Lifestyle Predictions for 2021: Webinar on October 15th with International Thought Leader Tiffany Xingyu Wang

Tiffany Wang

San Francisco-based private financial group US Capital Global hosts webinar with Tiffany Xingyu Wang on the effects of virtual and tech influences on our lives.

SAN FRANCISCO, OCTOBER 2020 – Tiffany Xingyu Wang, member of the Advisory Board at US Capital Global, recently published an article entitled ‘Five Predictions: The New Normal’, in which she predicts five national and global shifts that may occur as a result of increased virtual and tech presence in our daily lives.

Ms. Wang is an international thought leader, angel investor, and advisor in AI, blockchain, and quantum computing start-ups. Her investment thesis revolves around data privacy and internet health. Following her article’s publication, Ms. Wang will share her insights and predictions in an upcoming webinar hosted by US Capital Global on Thursday, October 15th at 10am PDT.
Drawing on her article, Ms. Wang’s webinar will explore the virtual world’s influence in reshaping our physical world, from a US talent migration from the coast to central states and gaming as the new form of education, to the currency of trust and APIs. Drawing on her expertise in the fields of AI and FinTech, Ms. Wang will examine the growing digital economy hotspots in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, while sharing investment and lifestyle insights and predictions.

Headquartered in San Francisco, US Capital Global is a full-service private financial group with an established track record in investment banking, asset management, investment management, and capital formation services. The firm provides sophisticated debt, equity, and investment products to lower middle market companies and investors, using the latest FinTech and RegTech innovation.

“In order to understand where the world is taking us and what the future of investment holds, we have to take a close look at the trends developing among the GenZ,” said Ms. Wang. “Gaming platforms like Roblox with 150MM+ users aged between 9 and 15 have more educational power than traditional schools. This is where the young generation learns about creativity, community, responsibility, and diversity. The emergence of EdTech will present society with a chance to raise our children into true global citizens.

“Millennials’ and GenZ’s fluency with tech in areas of education, dating, and social, as well as experience of online toxicity and misinformation, means they will be drawn to brands that prioritize online trust, turning it from an insurance policy to a product differentiator. I look forward to discussing these and other imminent investment and lifestyle shifts in my upcoming webinar.”

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