US Capital Global Christmas Fundraiser:
Temporary Schools for Underprivileged Girls in India during Covid-19

US Capital Global Christmas Fundraiser

Join US Capital Global in supporting the continued education and welfare of vulnerable Indian schoolgirls impacted by Covid-19.

Since its founding in 1998, US Capital Global has been a dedicated supporter of philanthropic causes and social impact projects in the United States and abroad, especially smaller educational projects for children faced with difficult circumstances. Educational projects we support include the Golden Avatar School in West Bengal, the New Braj School in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, and Sandipani Muni School for girls in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Sandipani Muni School is a charitable day-school that provides free education, daily vegetarian meals, and medical care to over 1,500 girls from vulnerable families in and around Vrindavan, India. It is the flagship project of Food for Life Vrindavan (FFLV), a registered NGO serving the rural communities of Vrindavan. Active since 1991, FFLV focuses not only on education and meals for those in need, but also runs grassroots environmental cleaning, recycling, tree planting, and organic farming projects in the area.

“On average, only one in every 100 girls in rural India will finish school; the rest are married off during childhood,” said Rupa Raghunatha Das, Founder of FFLV. “FFLV aims to prevent child marriage by giving the daughters of impoverished and struggling families the opportunity to study at our Sandipani Muni School for free. However, as schools in India currently remain closed due to Covid-19, we have been pushed to find new ways to keep our students in education and protected.”

“As travel is also restricted due to Covid-19 and many students usually travel from remote rural areas to Vrindavan to attend school, we’ve begun creating temporary, outdoor, socially-distanced schooling options for our students within their own villages,” said Ineke Zondag, President of FFLV USA. “To achieve this, we’ve had to source land in each village – often a courtyard in a villager’s home or on a farm – and some of our senior students in grades 11 and 12 have stepped forward to teach the younger children. Aside from being a necessary measure, asking our oldest students to teach has also had an empowering effect upon them as they gain experience and prepare themselves for a brighter future. To date we have been able to open 15 schools in the villages and remote localities surrounding Vrindavan, but many of our students are still without local schooling options.”

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“As long-time supporters of FFLV, the success of this village school project is extremely important to us,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO at US Capital Global, who regularly visits the school with US Capital Global’s Managing Partner, Charles Towle. “FFLV’s Founder, Rupa Raghunatha Das, is a dear friend of ours and the whole FFLV team feel like a part of the US Capital Global family. Last year, Charles visited the school with his sons, who donated gifts bought with their tooth fairy money, and I will be making a trip with my own children next year.

“2020 has been a tough year globally, but this holiday season we’re showing some extra support to the brave young girls at the Sandipani Muni School. Our hope is that all the students in FFLV’s care will soon be able to continue their education in a protected environment. For readers who would like to join us in supporting the project, we’re inviting you to personally contact me or Ineke Zondag at FFLV. Alternatively, donations to FFLV can be made through the organisation’s website.”

Through its California-based foundation, Braj Bhumi Group, US Capital Global proudly supports programs that help solve crucial social and environmental issues, both at home and abroad. The foundation works in partnership with innovative, world-class single-family offices, multi-family offices, sovereign and royal families, and their funds, foundations, and portfolio companies.

US Capital Global Christmas Fundraiser Charles Towle
Managing Partner, Charles Towle, with his sons and some of the students
at Sandipani Muni School.

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To learn more about US Capital Global, email Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO, at or call +1 415-889-1010.     162012PR

For more information on Food for Life Vrindavan and the Sandipani Muni School, email Ineke Zondag, President at FFLV USA, at or call +1 346-413-7082.

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