Award-Winning Businesswoman at US Capital Global Says Success Means Leaving the Planet a Better Place

We asked Enrica Acuto Jacobacci how she defines success, what challenges she faced in her career, and what qualities have contributed the most to her professional success.

At international private investment group US Capital Global, we are proud to have highly skilled, successful, and admirable professionals leading our team. We took the opportunity to interview Enrica Acuto Jacobacci, an award-winning business-founder, the Vice President and CEO of a top-ranking international legal firm, and a legal, branding, and leadership expert. Ms. Jacobacci is a member of US Capital Global’s Advisory Board.

Q: What qualities of yours would you say have contributed the most to your professional success?

A: I believe that my most important success has been to put the creation of value for all stakeholders at the center of my commitment, by working with enthusiasm and involving people in my projects and dreams.

People say that I am good at making decisions and accepting risks, that I rely on good intuitive skills, and above all that I am open-minded to the opinions of others. I think this perhaps comes easily to me thanks to my varied personal and professional background, which has shaped me into a grounded and pragmatic leader.

Q: What advice do you normally give to the junior talent you mentor?

A: To be curious, to express your thoughts, not to be afraid of making mistakes, and to have the courage to continue or even start over when things don’t go as planned. I love sharing whatever I have learned with young professionals and supporting them.

Q: As a highly successful business founder and a business leader in the Jacobacci Group, what are some of the main challenges you have experienced during your career, if any?

A: Being at the head of a company that offers professional legal services and not being a professional myself forced me not to rely on specific hard skills but mainly on my soft skills. This in turn allowed me to adopt an innovative approach that has led to important transformations in culture and business organization.

Today, all companies are particularly attentive to ESG policies (environmental, social, and governance) because they are aware of the need for sustainable growth. For me, respecting the different cultures and the diversity of our teams and finding a balance between professional excellence and business organization has always been the guiding principle in taking a company that was already a leader in the Italian market and raising it to the level of a leading European group.

Q: What inspires you the most at this time in your life?

A: To find a way to repay the good fortune I’ve received in my own life. “The more you give, the more you receive” has always been my rule. It has worked very well in my life, and I hope it will continue to do so.

As a member of US Capital Global’s Advisory Board, I am inspired by our shared vision of investing in companies that address the world’s major social and environmental challenges, while generating long-term wealth for investors. In recent years, there has been a rise in sustainable fund inflows, but the pandemic has boosted digitization across all sectors of the economy, strengthening the sustainable investing infrastructure.

Q: What changes do you foresee in a post-pandemic world?

A: Like the climate crisis, the pandemic has highlighted our vulnerabilities, underscoring how the markets do not operate in isolation from the societies and natural environments in which they are embedded. This shift in consciousness is driving innovators and investors alike to discover and support new ways of restoring and maintaining balance between the human and natural world.

The long-term effects of COVID-19 will drive investments towards the digital economy, social concerns, and in particular human health and the health of the planet, which are, of course, closely interconnected.

Q: What is your definition of success?

A: Success for me means leaving this planet a better place than when I arrived. In my view, it’s important to find the right balance between personal ambitions and human values and ethics.

Q: What one piece of advice would you give any aspiring female business and industry leaders reading this?

A: For us, career and success are not always about linear growth, because we often give space for other activities that are no less important, such as the family, which can subtract energy and focus. It can be frustrating at times not to meet your expectations, but learning to view the road of life as a beautiful winding path, rather than as a rigid, predetermined highway, allows us to better enjoy the landscape of life. Today the world needs more emphasis on attention and care, and women have so much to offer through their sensitivity and more nurturing approach to ensure a better future for coming generations and for the planet.

To learn more about US Capital Global, email Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO, at jsweeney@uscapglobal.comor call +1 415-889-1010.

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